Eat Local? Drink Local.

Unless you are from the south of France, frequent the Sicilian countryside, or have a summer house in Napa Valley, California, it is unlikely that the wine you drank last Saturday night came… Continue reading

A Chilly Harvest: Simple Gifts Farm

“So what are we harvesting today?” I asked the trio of farm interns nestled between rows of green leaves.  “Spinach!” Annie replied with a grin.  “Want some?” She extended her arm, offering me… Continue reading

Ali Touloupas: Food Warrior Extraordinaire.

There are few places that would set the scene better for talking about food than a farmers market. Ali and I sat down at a table after spending the later part of the… Continue reading

Food, Farms, and First Posts!

I am not a farmer, probably never will be. I am not a chef, nor am I an accomplished baker, herbalist, or even gardener.  What I really am is a lover of good,… Continue reading